Anne Wallace


I am drawn to road trip detritus that speaks of longings, thirsts, and weariness. Drawn to an aqua and orange wall, where partial letters whisper half remembered stories to flaking paint chips. Alert to bits of color, edges rough and worn, I passionately snag digital images. I mark my place as I walk on the edge looking for stories on both sides. Always asking why. I am a photographer.

I am entranced by the push and pull of light, shift in detail and ambiguity, the accidental and decisive marks on their surfaces, the saturation and fading of color, and the worn juxtaposed with the unfaltering. My photographs bridge the gap between portraits and abstraction, capturing literal details on one level and implied emotion on another. I seek to capture with a sense of intimacy, respect, and reverence -- as if not to disturb, but show the beauty of these places’ unique faces.
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